Strangers, strangers looking at me
Strangers, strangers talking about me
Strangers, strangers follow me around
Strangers, strangers don’t leave me alone

I’m not hallucinating
I wish I were
No I’m not
I’m not insane

This is our world
And it’s painfully real
I live in a strange world
Strangers are all around me

There’s but one thing to do
Only one thing to do
Can you guess?
I must become a stranger myself

And no I’m not hallucinating


3 thoughts on “Strangers

  1. You’re a young female in the US. Nothing personal. This all goes abruptly away when you hit about forty to forty-five. Then you’ll be invisible. Thanks for reminding me of this. It’s been a while. It was not a safe feeling at all.

  2. Thanks Alice. It is amazing you say that because I was reading an article about male and female productivity and creativity. As I am getting close to “invisibility” as you so poignantly put it, I am becoming more of myself and hence more creative and productive even. It seems when women are no longer viewed as reproductive beings they are more productive! Men on the other hand, are most productive in their highly competitive youth (late teens and early 20’s) in order to attract desirable reproductive females. Remarkable creations and inventions of Facebooks Zucherberg and Bill Gates along with that of famous male artists, musicians,writers, etc., was attributed to this.
    I wrote this one and another one “I’m a creep” when I was in a very dark place and was misunderstood and criticized by family and colleagues alike. I am now getting to the point of not caring and that is why I feel comfortable sharing these. I am looking forward to 40 🙂

    1. My middle 50’s husband seems to be his most creative in the 25 years I’ve known him, designing new software. I guess the creative time varies from person to person. Having babies to raise in the house definitely puts a damper on what one can do simply from an available energy perspective. With my younger at fourteen, they use less of me on a minute by minute basis so I can do more creative things.

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