right or privilege?

To vote
Is it a right
or a privilege?
I think the latter
It belongs to those
who are better than us
Those with power
and with money
lots of it too

Sure we get to say
about the small stuff
like the shoes he wears
or if he puts a flag pin on his lapel
Perhaps the color of his skin
maybe his gender too
or if he is straight or gay
That is if
we get lucky one day

But that is about it
When it comes to the real stuff
about the country he runs
going to war or not
paying taxes and such
I really think
it isn’t up to us
It is up to those
who are better than us


3 thoughts on “right or privilege?

  1. I’m guessing you’re being sarcastic when you talk about some people being “better” than others.

    If you want to know what I think about the election process, especially in america, it’s a farce.

    It’s been deteriorating for a long time but in 2000 it became completely privatised. g.w. bush was never the duly elected president and should have been impeached before the end of the first year of his first term.

    Obama is merely continuing and even escalating the policies of the bush administration while paying lip-service to populism and engaging in political theater to maintain the illusion of “democracy”.

    There is no government in america. The individuals pretending to represent the american people are the paid servants of the ruling class and their every action is carried out at the behest of their masters.

    All that being said, here’s how I really feel;



    1. Actually I call the “the better thans” it is certainly a cynical term I use to refer to the higher ups. I couldn’t agree more with your sentiment. The year 2000 is so vividly ingrained in my memory. I’m headed to read your articles and prepared to be challenged.
      I think society has created these forces, be it religion, politicians, bankers, manufacturers, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, etc. I wonder which came first, individual and small scale corruption leading to large scale global corruption or the other way around.

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