Diamonds or Roses

I want to buy you flowers
the most beautiful of blooms
but I don’t know which kind you like
I don’t know how to choose

I’ll to give you roses maybe
but I wonder
Will you be careful
of those tiny little thorns?

I want to place gentle kisses
upon your hands
and on your face
to cover you in a blanket of love
trimmed in lace

I don’t have
shiny things to give
but this I have
This I can do

A friend of mine once bought flowers for her boyfriend, I wondered who’d get flowers for a man? But I now know men who like to receive flowers. I was thinking of this when I wrote this poem today but it took me somewhere else. The title “Diamonds or Roses” is how I ask what is the right gift or is there such a thing as right or not when it comes to a gift that is given with love? Perhaps a heartfelt note or loving kisses are more precious than the diamonds and the roses …
Thanks for reading

Jan 14, 2013


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