A “stinky” joke!

Today I decided to share some of the lessons I’ve learned about “shit”. The reason I wrote it is because of what I see everyday in news. People, be it actors, singers, politicians or athletes whose “shit” is being “uncovered” and displayed all over the place as a source of entertainment. So it inspired me to talk about “shit” both the literal and the metaphorical variety … Don’t take it so seriously, it is meant for laughs and sorry if “shit” offends you 😉

1. Sometimes “shit” stinks because; it is, for lack of a better word, “SHIT”!
2. If it stinks like “shit”, it most likely is “shit” (Be sure to check if it is your “shit” before calling other people’s attention to it).
3. Although you may think your “shit” is worse than others, trust me when I say that your own “shit” stinks much less than other people’s “shit”.
4. When it comes to cleaning up the “shit”, once again, your own shit is way better than other people’s shit (the only possible exception is that of your children but only when they are really little).
5. The only time I don’t mind dealing with other people “shit” is if it is going to be discovered, because: a. I do a better job hiding other people’s “shit” and b. I won’t care as much if their “shit” hits the fan, and c. I get paid to deal with their “shit”.

Thanks for reading my ….!


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