The crazies

The crazy in me
The crazy in you
We’re all crazy
That’s just what we do

But you see
The crazy in me
Is sane
Yours is not

The crazy in me
Is fine
But yours
Is not like mine

We’re all crazy
In some shape or form
But I like mine
And that is the norm

So when they come
To lock us up
If given the chance
I will give you up


7 thoughts on “The crazies

    1. The Toyota gets me each time! I was reading another blog wand 3 of their pieces had a VH1 add. I wonder if there is a rhyme or reason behind these add placements. Perhaps they know something I don’t (yet)!! Thanks for reading and understanding my intention of personal relativism. All I know is that I don’t know anything, but I still know more than the others!! How is that for relativism. 😉

      1. Indeed. I’m lifting this quote and using it to advance my socialist agenda! And the e version of his book “mathematical philosophy” is free. Thanks!

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