grow world, Grow

Grow west, grow
Grow east, grow
To not fall behind
You must get ahead

More technology
More power plants
More cars, more factories
Burn coal and burn gas

Grow world, grow
In china I see
People walking around
Wearing facial masks

Grow china, grow
Covered in orange fog
Glow china, glow
Glow world, glow


3 thoughts on “grow world, Grow

  1. You have had a busy weekend of writing! This poem nice. It’s ather like a modern protest song. It may need music. I like the rhythm and the visual imagery. There are cities in the US that live inside an orange glowing cloud.

    I leave the parked the car most days and walk. This is a new luxury since I stepped away from work. I have time to do most errands on foot. This is one small personal contribution to the environment. Have a good week.

  2. so funny you mentioned rhythm and music because I often think in song and many of my poems are in fact songs that I mad on my piano! I must say you were right in “Why you should stay away from poets”! I’m already infected and there is no escape! This one happened while I was watching the news!

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