The weight of things

The weight of things
How I want to escape
Weight of so many things

The pain of loss
I want to wash away
That bittersweet taste

The cruelty of life
Sometimes so sharp
It cuts me like a knife

The finality of death
So harshly bold
And I grow cold

The weight of things
The weight of life
How I wish for it to lift

But there is beauty
In the weight of things
In the shape of pain

And there is nothing
In a weightless life
That some of us seek


6 thoughts on “The weight of things

  1. I am so flattered that you have read my poems, thank you. It is amazing how I find inspiration by reading other blogs. I won’t make any reference to your blog because I hope you know how much I value it. Oddly, I opt for this type of poetry because it doesn’t require mastery of English. I wish I could right critical essays like you do and hopefully some day I will.

    1. And I am flattered that you value my writing.

      The poetry works very well and I’m sure if you want to write essays you will. I know you have the ability and practice will bring the results you desire.

      By the way, I wasn’t sure your last reply was directed to me since, I guess, you put it in the regular comment module rather than clicking the “REPLY” icon under the comment I left.

      I was notified that a reply was made but the notification showed that you were replying to yourself so I decided to check it out anyway. That’s nothing unusual. I talk to myself all the time! 😉

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