Let there be life

Let there be light
The kind of light
That lights the inside
Let there be warmth
Not just on our skin
The warmth that’s within
Let there be love
Love for everyone
Love for everything
Let there be kindness
In the act of love
We give to others
Let there be wisdom
No, not just knowledge
But the knowing of
What knowledge can do
Let there be laughter
Not just to a joke
Laughter in our soul
That is happiness
The purpose of this life
Let there be life
Let there be life


8 thoughts on “Let there be life

    1. Yes it is, It is affirmative when I say it to myself, almost as if it is true … I read somewhere that using terms such as “let there be” or “allow” is an invitation, a gentler way of expressing a desire as opposed to “I want” or “I will”. I could have written this with “I want” but I chose “Let there be” instead. I hope this makes sense

  1. Wonderful!

    Yes. Let it be. A very affirming proclamation.

    In recent years I have created my own rules for capitalisation. I never capitalise the names of cities or countries, religions or nationalities or any of the things that in reality serve to build walls between people.

    These things are not important. We give them their importance because we are so self-important. Our anthropocentric attitude demands importance for the wrong things while relegating those that really matter to obscurity and insignificance.

    One word I try very hard to always remember to capitalise is Life. Another is Love. And always Peace.

  2. It’s so interesting you said that. I’ve been thinking recently about borders and dividers. About patriotism, about nationality and origin of things, as far as I’m concerned my I originated from stardust just as every thing else. I am an earthan! I with your permission I like to try to write something according to your rules (capitalizing what is important). Thanks for liking my poem 🙂

    1. You certainly don’t need my permission to write anything you like. Besides, you have to decide for yourself what deserves capitalisation and what doesn’t.

      I’m glad to note your awareness regarding the origins of all the matter in our universe; “stardust” as you describe it.

      Many of us Earthlings don’t seem to consider such knowledge useful. Some who believe in fairy tales don’t even think it’s true.

      “There is no shortcut to truth, no way to gain knowledge of the universe except through the gateway of the scientific method.”
      Karl Pearson, influential English mathematician who has been credited with establishing the discipline of mathematical statistics.

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