Clutter & dirt

Clutter & dirt
The house in disarray
But don’t bother me
I’m not here!

CLutter & DIrt
Piling every where
But don’t bother me
I’m writing here

CLUtter & DIRt
Hard to ignore
But I’m stubborn
And I do not care!

Coming over me
Fine, I give up!
I guess that is fair

I was inspired to do some mindful writing after reading the wonderfully talented bloggers Celestine Nudanu’s January Small Stones mindful writing challenge and her wonderful poem “Boys, Boys”. Though I am not participating in the formal challenge, I wanted to challenge myself into writing something about what was happening right now and this is the result! I used capital letters to emphasize the enormity of the clean-up task ahead of me tonight. Thanks for reading

Here is the link to her blog:

Parmis 1/12/13


2 thoughts on “Clutter & dirt

  1. Oh Parmis, thanks a million for the link and mention. 🙂 I ignore the clutter and then when I can’t take it anymore I scream at them to get up and start shaping up 🙂

    This is wonderful. 🙂

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