I am a Gun fearing, unarmed American. Is there an amendment for that?

In the wake of another school shooting today in California I will finally speak my mind. I am not the only one or even one that matters in the great debate that is going around the country regarding guns and gun control. That being said I feel many of us who oppose guns, for one reason or another, are quiet while the gun-lobby is stirring up the pot (and they do so clearly for the economic and the financial gains that come from the gun industry). More of us the un-armed and Gun-fearing group need to voice our concerns.

If it wasn’t clear above, I am a Gun-fearing citizen. I reflect on my past to understand how it shaped my personality. I am a child of war. I grew up in war. I heard sirens, I heard rockets, and I heard the sound of fighter jets dropping bombs all over my city. So I grew up hating wars. I hate wars, I hate killers, I hate bombs, and I hate guns. I am not alone. Most other survivors of war or gun violence have similar views.

As an American, I see there is a war taking place once again. Perhaps a covert war, but it leaves victims just as cruelly and viscously as any other war. I don’t understand how in the 21 century, this country is still tip toeing around gun issues. At least not enough to make a drastic stand and changes the way things are done. Why are guns so available? Why is gun ownership a “right”?

The senseless and unimaginable act of violence and terrorism against little innocent children just few weeks ago stirred me up. My mind is flooded with emotions and thoughts. Sadness, devastation, compassion and anger have fueled a determination to stand for change. I don’t want to be silent anymore; I don’t want to be distracted away from this tragedy. I must say what is in my heart as I, along with the rest of America, grieve this devastating tragedy.

When I point to something, stop looking at the tip of my finger. I am pointing at gun violence, at the abundance of guns and lunatics in our so-called “free” country. Is it a free country when one freely goes on a shooting spree and takes innocent lives? I suppose you could define freedom as that. Freedom shouldn’t mean entitlement.

Stop talking about the deranged gunman and start talking about what will be done to prevent the next one. Stop talking about metal detectors and armed security and staff at schools. Reporting the age of the gunman, his GPA or the color of his clothing or the location of his house is irrelevant. Interviewing innocent young children who were effected by this horrific crime is exploitive and distasteful.

Start looking at why this country is rapidly losing its mind. Why do people go insane and violent and why do they all seem to have guns? Perhaps with the artificial pressures and inequality that plagues the United States, it isn’t hard to account for the rise in mental disease. But not all mentally insane are violent. Why is it that these violently insane perpetrators all have guns at their position? Is it because they legally purchased it perhaps when they weren’t insane or at least not overtly insane? Why is it that when insanity hits, the gun and the lunatic are perfectly paired. It is a recipe for a disaster that kills without prejudice. It kills innocent children and adults alike without so much a pause or consideration.

I hope it is not too late and that we will open our eyes and finally see the task before us. I hope that for the sake of our innocent children; we will do what is long overdue. Even if it is hard, even if it is not popular, even if it is expensive, do it anyways. So that we invest in making us a healthier society because in the long run, everyone will win.


4 thoughts on “I am a Gun fearing, unarmed American. Is there an amendment for that?

  1. Well said Parmis. I share your sentiments.

    No real civilisation would require lethal weapons. And even in our pitiful failed charade of civil society, there is no valid reason for any and everyone to have unregulated access to military calibre weaponry.

    You make an astute observation;

    “Perhaps with the artificial pressures and inequality that plagues the United States, it isn’t hard to account for the rise in mental disease.”

    The american “capitalist” system and the entire culture is based upon the negative principle of “competition”. It’s the main reason the country is”rapidly loosing its mind”.

    Those who control the system are not interested in a society in which “everyone will win” and will stop at nothing to prevent it from ever becoming a reality.

    “Competition is merely a euphemism for war. It always means someone must be beaten, someone must loose, an adversary must be defeated.

    So we base our every action, our very Lives, upon a completely negative paradigm.

    Aggressive, confrontational, competitive, hostile, exploitative and abusive actions are the exception, not the rule.

    The broad acceptance of such traits as normal in a society results from many generations of relentless indoctrination, as does the idea that the “independent” individual is greater than the whole of which it is a part.”

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