A Gym Joke

I recently joined a fancy Gym. It is called an executive Health and Fitness Club so right there you’d know it must be awesome! They just opened their doors 2 weeks ago and I’ve already lost 4 pounds. I think the key was signing up for an Executive Gym. I paid my dues and even though I haven’t yet set foot in this fine establishment, it is working marvelously!

This being my 3rd attempt at Gym-going, with the first one when I paid for 1 year and went 5 times, and the 2nd time when I paid for 4 months and went 7 times without any weight loss has brought me to a ground breaking discovery. The first two were just plain regular gyms and not executive. The key is in the executive part, because I’d already mastered the not-going-to-gym part.

One explanation could be if I were cutting the equivalent of my monthly gym membership, out of my food allowance, but I am not!
A more plausible explanation is that I started blogging obsessively a week a go, and all this typing not only burns like 10 calories per day, it also distracts me from wanting to eat!

Either way, if you, like me want to try a Gym I’d recommend you give an executive one a shot!


7 thoughts on “A Gym Joke

    1. Ha ha! I’m going to start going … BTW the gym is an executive LA fitness so not all that fancy and I got it at a bargain price too during presale. Perhaps I should have included the “bargain executive” 😉

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