She was trapped, surrounded with walls, inches away from her face and body, a coffin. Yet she was wide awake and alive

She was lost in an unknown land, lonely and scared. She didn’t know how to get out. What a frightening thought

She was tired, not the pleasant kind, the kind that feels like the end. Yet her eyes remained open, no rest in sight

She was hungry, unable to take a bite. Food refused to go down. Pounds were shedding away and her demise was not far

She was in the dark, nothing but black. Though the sun was shining outside in the beautiful blue skies

Each breath felt like the last. She was suffocating with healthy lungs; she was drowning with no water around

Feeling lonely amidst a crowd, feeling abandoned even when she received a hug

Kind words did not pass beyond the ear drums, nor did well wishes, as if faced with an unbreakable concrete block

Tears kept rolling but the eyes often remained dry

With each and every sigh, sadness seemed to reach deeper and magnify, as a metastatic tumor it spread all around

Laying hopelessly with no meaning or purpose, she kept staring at a blank wall

But out of nowhere, and not trying at all, somewhere deep in her heart, she found hope

Hope that a little light was not to for away, that the seemingly infinite sadness would soon go away

She reached inside with one last effort, putting everything in line

There it was, the treasure found at last

In time she knew the walls would lift away and each breath would bring life

With the treasure found, she hoped once again for happiness


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