Tea or Coffee?

I like tea
Hot or cold
Mostly Hot
The Persian in me!

Not a fan of coffee
I drink it sometimes
I wonder why that is
That I like that and not this

The difference between coffee and tea
The difference between you and I
I wonder what that is
And I wonder why


3 thoughts on “Tea or Coffee?

  1. I like how you take a simple thing like coffee and tea and ask a more serious question at the end of the poem. Short and sweet! I like this poem.

    By the way, I have some Persian in me from my father’s side that I just recently found out about! It’s a small world indeed!

    1. Thank you so much Maryam, what a small world indeed and because of your name I initially thought you might be Persian before I got to read your bio. You liking my poem means so much, I can’t stop smiling.

      There is so much in me wanting to get out, my persian, my woman, my immigrant, my abused, my musician, my inner child … When I startred to blog a week ago that I wasn’t sure if it will get me anywhere. Having neglected my creativity in pursuit of sciences and a career, I wondered if it was late to reconnect. If the waves of thoughts and words that are flowing out of me are any indication, there still is hope. Thanks again

      1. Yes, there is definitely hope! I think you can write about all of those things you mentioned. These are topics that are important and relevant.

        I will probably be updating my bio page soon to reflect more of my background. Besides the Perisan in me, I also have Scot-Irish and French.

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