“Shit happens”!

People who want to empathize with your unfortunate situation and what not, usually say, “Shit happens”. I know shit happens. I am a doctor so believe me I KNOW. It hopefully happens once or twice a day, maybe every other day, or every few days but that is really pushing it. That is when you hit laxatives and the prunes and the Metamucil and in some unfortunate cases (for both the patient and the doctor), you have to rely on healthcare providers and not-so-pleasant methods to make “shit” happen. SHIT, is something that we want to happen!
Now if you said diarrhea ok I’d buy that, because most of us don’t want diarrhea so if you said to me “diarrhea happens” I’d believe you understood my pain. You could also get away with “constipation happens”, but please, PLEASE next time you want to use the “shit happens” on someone, consider the terrible alternative of Shit not happening!
Peace everyone and may your bowels work regularly regardless of the life’s little ups and downs 😉


8 thoughts on ““Shit happens”!

    1. Thanks you! Perhaps because I am not a native English speaker. But also because I try to find humor in the challenging moments of life. That is why I wrote the first one with F*** to deal with anger and vulgarity and the second one to make fun of my own misfortunes and what many people told me in response 😉

      1. Iran (originally) but I live in America now.
        By the way I am so amazed how your poems flow both in Dutch and English. Wow! My husband is German so he could read the un-trasnlated poems and though I didn’t understand, they sounded so beautiful. I wish I write like that …

      2. I’d love to! I have absolutely no training or formal experience with poetry, this is just the way word pop into my mind and flow onto paper. I plan to study and acquire proper skills. I know reading your blog will help me as you unlike me are a trained poet.

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