Serendipity or something like it

I have more or less a scientific mind. Rational, inquisitive and fact based. So I don’t believe in cosmic interventions, and I typically don’t read into coincidences. Something just happened that pleasantly shocked me. I am rejoicing in the serendipitous event I’m about to share.
I had just turned on the Radio on my Apple TV and tuned into music station Ambiance Classique when I stumbled upon another bloggers page (very randomly as I was clicking through pages of someone I wasn’t previously following and saw a link to a YouTube station for a classical piece “The Lark Ascending” which I had never heard. To my shock and surprised the same piece was playing simultaneously from my TV (OK a few second different) and the link on his blog. A hauntingly beautiful piece of music I might add, with a continuos and climactic crescendo. What to say except the Univers is pleasantly freaking me out!
Here is the link to the blog I’m talking about:

And below is a reminder to myself why I started liking classical music and playing the piano. The Tom and Jerry cartoon version of Hungarian Rhapsody. It turnes out I’m not the first one as both the blogger I shared above and the pianist who is featured bellow on this U-tube link got their classical aspirations from cartoons!


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