My Headache and I

My headache and I have a love affair
It began not too long ago
It is turbulent and emotional
It often makes me cry until it is gone

My headache and I met one year ago
And I didn’t know if it would ever go
After it was gone there was much relief
But it didn’t leave, before one last blow

My headache is so merciless
It breaks my heart with each visit
I feel so lonely and very helpless
But I can’t show my pain to anyone

My headache and I have met up again
It is now more than a week and it doesn’t leave
I try to talk to it, and reason with it
I have bribed it many, many times!

Yet I’m powerless when it comes to my headache
It always defeats me before it leaves me
Oh, I long for the day when I say farewell
Go away and stay far

My headache and I have a hate affair
Because I hate it and it loves me so!
Go ahead take me, abuse and torture me
As you do my sadistic lover

You make me feel depressed and take my will to live away
But someday we will learn to get along
Until then I will sing this song
It is coming from the depth of my heart

Until you hear me and let me be, at least for a while
And please when you come
Only stay for a few days, then leave
For I don’t like my lovers to stay beyond a few day limit


5 thoughts on “My Headache and I

    1. Thanks so much 🙂 The magic ingredient was that damn headache, I tell you! I’d written this during a big and long migraine attack. Funny how pain and misery can make us creative 😉 I just read some of your work! You certainly don’t need headaches to write. Well done!

      1. I dont know Whether i need Headaches or not to Write But one thing is for Sure !! I need a friend who likes Writing !!! Can you be that ??? Will you be my Thoughtful Friend !! And Lets See Who knows Can our Thoughts have some Affair Lol 😛 😀

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