What comes first, the blog or a word document?

I am a perfectionist and typically resistant to change. The fact the I have embraced blogging is a deviation from both and I take that as a good sign. Blogging is and will be just a hobby for me for the foreseeable future.
That being said, I wonder how regular bloggers blog? Do they first type it up in a notepad or Word or do they directly blog.
I’d have to be a lot more comfortable with imperfection to go straight to blogging but the other way takes more time.


6 thoughts on “What comes first, the blog or a word document?

  1. I usually type the posts on my phone, it takes like 30 minutes, and then upload it here. On days I am too tongue tied, I just copy one of my old poems or stories that weren’t specifically written for my blog! I try to get a post per day – although that’s not always a success.

    1. Wow, I never thought of using my phone. That would take me hours though considering how difficult it is for me to type on the iPhone but it is worth a try since I always have the phone with me. Thx for the tip!

  2. If it’s a poem, I work on it in a notebook app on my iPad…and since poems don’t happen very often, I generally don’t work on anything at all. 😉

    Do you type everything in a Word document first, then?

    1. Yes I have been but I just started blogging a few days ago so it wasn’t hard to import my previous work. But for my new work I’m going to try a notebook pad on my iPad. Thanks for the tip 🙂

  3. I always write my posts in Word first. I can’t risk losing my work if my Internet connection dies or WordPress temporarily goes offline. But then I usually spend at least three hours on each review. If you’re following a looser structure, you might be okay writing from scratch on the Internet, but that just seems like inviting disaster to me. (Also, if you’re blogging to help get over the paralyzing fear of writing a novel, writing in Word makes blank documents a little less intimidating.)

    1. Thanks! I’m the same way, I want to have back up and I am comfortable with word. Being (not so infrequently) unsure of myself, I wanted to see what other bloggers do. I’ll stik with Word, it works and it is more comfortable.

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