Tell me how is “F *** yourself an insult?

Now bear in mind, I am foreign so this ain’t exactly my vocabulary but for the sake of argument I’m gonna ask anyways: What does it mean when people say, “F*** off”? How is that an insult? Does it mean go and pleasure oneself until one gets “off”? That hardly constitues an insult!Same as “go, f*** yourself”, as it appears to say the same thing! Translation: Go masturbate! I am no authority on the matter but historically people enjoy that type of activity. So that too achieves quite the opposite of insult! It is interesting to note that the two are typically used  in the same conversation. If anyone said that to me, I’d perhaps think they must really wish me well! They want me to be pleased and what’s so wrong with that?!

Don’t get me started with “F*** you” …!

There are F*** cenarios that I can’t find any humor in, but in the above cases, America you’vs gotten it mixed up 😉


13 thoughts on “Tell me how is “F *** yourself an insult?

  1. I know. I wonder if an appropraite comeback to “Fuck you” could be “Oh! You’d like to fuck me? I’m flattered, but not in the least bit interested, thank you.”


  2. Hello Parmisrl appreciate your visits to my site and liking (change the Core of Progress) Have a wonderful day.Jalal

  3. Thank you so much for keeping in touch.You are a unique person.Have a delightful day.jalal

    1. Hi! Same here. I look forward to reading more of your blog. I suppose it is no surprise that two people from formerly neighboring countries, can relate. Salam Aleikum 🙂

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