The day will come

I WILL NOT, WILL NOT … but shall I?
You wait and see, the day is near, not far at all.
It is closer than you may think.
Closer than I know or feel
There may be silence, or loudness, I don’t know
Will there be laughter or tears? You tell me
They say it will end pain, but what if it is endless pain
What if it is endless emptiness, for eternity?
I will wait, will you wait with me, or will you abandon me?
When will I know, when will I see?
I breath the air, oh so potent, so powerful
I gasp for the breath that brings in life, makes me sustain
Yet I see with each and every step, with each and every beat
That I get closer, and I will not escape the impending defeat
What is there, where is there, and when?
Will there be feelings, any sensations?
Will I see if I keep my eyes open? Or will my sight surrender, as my body will
It is there, closer than I know, closer than I feel
I know it yet cannot comprehend this concept
Everyday I see a body whimper, a last gasp taken and the last tears wiped
Yet somehow I cannot fully grasp it, how will it be, how will it be?
I try to think, but then again I try to distract
My mind constantly fighting with this predetermined destiny
For it hopes for change, for a lasting impact
As my body makes an imprint, however insignificant on the loose sand
But you know I am here, some day it will be “I was here”
Will I see that day? Will I feel that day?
I hope but then again I don’t know what I hope for
Looking for answers from within or from you
Are you there? Is the you I seek merely a reflection of me
Or am I a reflection of you, of your brilliant mind
I try not to think yet the thought haunts me
I have so much more, yet time escapes from me
All I know is I am, therefore I exist. I may have existed before
Maybe I will exist once again
But until then I continue to search for you, will you guide me?


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